Your legacy is defined by a series of remarkable moments. Emotional decisions. Cherished relationships. Heartfelt gestures. But your legacy is kept alive through the family stories your loved ones will share when you’re gone.

Save Your Stories Before It’s Too Late

Family stories define us. They express our values and reinforce our beliefs. Family stories reunite us with loved ones we have lost and they’ll connect us to future generations we’ll never meet. Don’t wait for “someday” to write down and preserve your family stories. Start today. Start creating the stories that will become your family’s legacy.


The Circa Legacy team makes it easy and fun to record and preserve priceless family stories. Whether you’re capturing your own memories, writing a loved one’s obituary, or interviewing a remarkable person in your life – we give you step-by-step guidance to help you start and finish your family story projects.


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Whether you would like to hire an interviewer to capture your loved one’s legacy stories or work with a team to quickly create a memorable family story book, the Circa Legacy team can help!


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From step-by-step legacy kits, fun family time capsules, and life advice notebooks, we have products designed to help you record and preserve your stories and experiences.


Write an Obituary

Writing a loved one’s obituary is an amazing gesture of love. Use our guide, see examples and find answers to your questions so you can write an obituary that captures your loved one’s life and legacy.

I’m Overwhelmed.

Not everyone is a writer. Or comfortable with interviewing people. Or has the time to take on a big project. We all have photos, stories, letters, or other cherished family memorabilia we want to preserve. But where do you start? Circa Legacy teams can organize, edit, design, and print beautifully-bound custom legacy books for you and your loved ones.

LOOKING FOR inspiration?

Want unique ideas for recording and preserving your family stories? Check out our blog!

What Are Your Immigrant Stories?

Immigrant stories embody the courage and resilience that define this country. It’s awe-inspiring to think that individuals were willing (or had no choice) to leave behind everything familiar and comfortable, embracing a new country with its language, currency, social norms, and laws. Immigrants are amazing people! Whenever a family hires me to interview their parents […]

How to Interview Family Members, Except Your Parents

People often ask me how to interview family members to record their stories and memories. It’s a topic near and dear to my heart, so I am happy to share some tips and lessons I’ve learned over the years. Before we get to the advice, I just learned a valuable lesson. It really surprised me. […]

Interview Questions for Grandparents about How They Met

Interview questions for grandparents about how they met and decided to get married are an excellent way to start recording your family history. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s a fun topic and a timely opportunity to sit down and get those stories. I have some starter questions for you below to get you going. But […]


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