Great 50th Anniversary Gift Idea!

Celebrate a milestone anniversary with a book that chronicles a lasting partnership and shares tribute stories from the couple’s family and friends.

Circa Legacy team will:

  • Interview the couple about their life together
  • Identify and write their legacy stories
  • Turn their stories, photos, and tributes from family and friends into a beautiful hard cover book
  • Print and mail two copies of the book to you (more can be ordered!)
  • Email you a digital copy of the book to share with friends and family

Why Choose This Package?

Choose this package if you want to collect stories and memories from yourself, a family member, or multiple family members. You are hiring the Circa Legacy team to organize, write, and design a book of your memories and photographs. This package works well for people who want to:

  • Celebrate and thank a member of your family. Maybe it’s a milestone birthday or anniversary, or you want to show how much a person means to your family. Collect photos and memories from many family members and we’ll compile them into a beautiful, keepsake book.
  • Record and preserve your own legacy stories. While there’s more to come for your life, you’re ready to write down your important stories, find your favorite photographs, and work with us to create your legacy book.
  • Remember and honor a loved one who has passed away. You want to record and preserve your family’s favorite memories, stories, and photos of that special person. You’ll gather stories and photos from family members, and we’ll help compile them into a loving tribute book.
  • Comfort your children and/or grandchildren because you won’t always be here for them. Create a book with personal letters, favorite stories, and cherished photographs so they’ll know and remember just how much you loved them.
  • Find a meaningful way to organize and share inherited family memorabilia and artifacts. If you’ve found old diaries, letters, journals, photos, etc., this is a way to preserve and share them with your family. You send us the words and photos, and we’ll take care of the rest!

How This Works

  1. You collect your stories. Write them, ask family memories to write them, interview a loved one, collect old letters, or journals, or however you want to do it.
  2. We’ll email you an electronic story template. Type or copy and paste your stories into our document. You will write titles, headlines, subheads, and featured quotes. You will identify photos and write photo captions. Ideally, you’re aiming for 7,500 words or less. You can send us more words, but it will cost you an added $100 for every additional 2,500 words.
  3. Sort through and prioritize photographs. Most times, you’re looking for a mix of old and new photographs to help tell your stories. We’re limiting you to 25 photos, so be picky! Choose photos that enhance your stories and show the personalities of the people in them.
  4. Scan paper photographs and create digital files. We’ll email you instructions for scanning and labeling your photos and send you a link to upload your story document and digital photo files.
  5. The Circa Legacy team will take over from here! We’ll read your stories, organize them into a logical and interesting style, and edit them for grammar and spelling.
  6. We’ll send the edited stories back to you for one last look and then we’ll design your one-of-a-kind book.
  7. Once your book is designed, we’ll email you a digital proof. We’re not looking for major changes here—just your blessing that names are correct, photos are in the right places and everything looks good.
  8. With your final revisions and approval, we’ll send your book to the printer. You will receive two copies in the mail. If you’d like to order more copies, simply tell us how many more you’d like. We’ll tell you the cost of the additional copies and can arrange for them to be shipped to you. Easy peasy.
  9. Finally, we’ll email you a digital file of your book so you can share it with family, print more copies, and store it somewhere safe.

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