Defining Family History with Favorite Recipes

Share your favorite family recipes with the next generation, while also saving family stories from your family’s top chef/recipe keeper.

Circa Legacy team will:

  • Interview one person about your family stories (more people can be interviewed for an additional fee)
  • Identify and write their legacy stories
  • Turn their stories, photos, and family recipes into a beautiful hard cover book
  • Print and mail two copies of the book to you (more can be ordered!)
  • Email you a digital copy of the book to share with friends and family
A three-generation family gathers around a couch to look at a memory book.

Why Choose Our Biography Services

This is an investment. It’s investing in the legacy stories you will one day be remembered for. Or, it could be an investment in recording and preserving a loved one’s legacy stories while you still have the chance to capture them. After all, there’s no guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow.

This is an opportunity for you or a loved one to work with an experienced team of interviewers, writers, and designers to create a book about your life stories, memories, lessons, regrets, and greatest accomplishments.

Legacy stories—those that define who you are and what you stood for—are so important. It’s time to record and preserve them in printed books. We make it easy to pass them down and share them with your family and future generations who want to understand who they came from.

Working with the Circa Legacy biography services team is making a commitment to record and preserve your legacy stories. We’ll help you get it done! You may also choose to do this without our assistance. We created this website to give you tips, tools, and ideas to record and preserve your family stories. Whichever path you choose, take your first step today. Start writing down memories. Start looking through photos. Start defining your legacy. You can totally do this!

How This Works

  1. We’ll start with a conversation about the type of book you want to create. We can communicate with you by phone or email, whichever you prefer.
  2. To secure your project, we’ll ask for a down payment. Once you send your down payment, we’ll mail you the Things You Need to Know Kit to help get you started. The kit walks you through your life stories, significant life events, meaningful memories, family tree, and other information to help get you started thinking about your memories.
  3.  Next, we want to hear about your life from the people who know you best. You’ll send us contact information for up to 10 family and friends who would be willing to answer a few questions about you.
  4. We’ll compile our interview notes from your friends and family and then schedule a kickoff conversation with you to outline the stories and memories you want to record.
  5. We’ll schedule a couple of one-hour phone interviews with you over the next month.
  6. When the interviews are finished, we’ll write an outline for your legacy story and share it with you. We’ll make sure you’re happy with the outline before we begin writing your story.
  7. It’s photo time! You’ll start looking through photographs for your book. You’ll look for a mix of old and new photographs, about 40 of them.
  8. We’ll email you instructions for scanning and labeling your photos and send a link to upload your digital photo files.
  9. It’ll take us about a month to write the first draft of your story. When it’s finished, we’ll email it to you for review and any revisions you want to make.
  10. We’ll send the edited stories back to you for one last look and then we’ll design your one-of-a-kind book!
  11. Once your book is designed, we’ll email you a digital proof. We’re not looking for major changes here—just your blessing that names are correct, photos are in the right places, and everything looks good.
  12. With your final revisions and approval, we’ll send your book to the printer. You’ll receive five copies of the book in the mail. If you’d like to order more copies, simply tell us how many more you’d like. We’ll tell you the cost of the additional copies and can arrange for them to be shipped to you. Easy peasy.
  13. Finally, we’ll email you a digital copy of your book for your files.

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