An obituary does not cost any money to write, if you or a family member writes it.

The cost comes when you publish the obituary in a newspaper. Depending on the length of the obituary and the newspaper it is published in, the cost can vary drastically. Obituaries cost from $40 up to $1,000, especially if you publish in a large metro newspaper and publish it with a color photograph.

If your family can’t afford to pay the high publishing price, don’t worry. Most funeral homes publish obituaries on their websites. You can email the online obituary link to your friends and family. Or, you can publish it on your social media accounts. There are many inexpensive ways to help get the word out.

If you need help writing an obituary, visit the How to Write a Good Obituary page or purchase our Obituary Kit. You also can upload your loved one’s obituary to our Obituary Hall of Fame.

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