We Can Help You Finish Your Family Memory Books

With the Helpful Neighbor package you will receive 2 printed copies of a 50- to 60-page hardcover book designed for you with stories you have written and photos you have chosen. Your book can include:

  • Up to 25 photos
  • Up to 7,500 words

If you’d like a longer book, we will charge an extra $100 for every additional 10 pages (or 2,500 words).

Why Choose This Package

This package is designed for people who like to collect family stories and write a book, but don’t have the skills, training, time, or software to design a book. Choose this package if you want to write your story and hire the Circa Legacy team to edit and design it.

How It Works

  1. Write your family memory book. We’ll email you a story template. Copy and paste your story into our document.  You will write titles, headlines, subheads, and featured quotes.  You will identify photos and write photo captions.
  2. Choose your photographs and create digital files. We’ll email you instructions for scanning and labeling your photos and send a link to upload your story document and digital photo files.
  3. The Circa Legacy team will take over from here! We’ll read your story, edit it for grammar and spelling, and make style recommendations.
  4. We’ll send the edited story back to you for one last look and then design your one-of-a-kind book!
  5. Once your book is designed, we’ll email you a digital proof. We’re not looking for major changes here—just your blessing that names are correct, photos are in the right places, and everything looks good.
  6. With your final revisions and approval, we’ll send your book to the printer and have two copies sent to you. If you’d like to order more copies, simply tell us how many more you’d like. We’ll tell you the cost of the additional copies and can arrange for them to be shipped to you. Easy peasy.
  7. Finally, we’ll email you a digital copy of your book to share with family and store in a safe location.

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