High school graduate gifts have been on my mind a lot this year. 

My oldest child is graduating soon.  I have a lot of feelings about this…  I’m excited about their future and all the amazing experiences they’ll have.  I’m also sad to say goodbye to them and end a nearly two decade era of them as a daily companion.  And finally, I’m scared I forgot to tell them something really important that could make their life a little better, safer, healthier, or just plain easier.  

I searched for the best high school graduate gifts, hoping to find something that would help me organize my thoughts and share my wisdom and experiences with my knows-everything-already senior.  I looked a long time.  But I couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted.  All the top ideas for high school graduate gifts seemed impersonal and just more items to be lost in my kid’s bedroom.

I had some specific criteria in mind: I wanted to write down my advice in my own handwriting.  Our handwriting is so unique and distinguishable.  All of my grandparents have been gone for quite a few years, but will always be able to identify their signatures and handwriting.  I wanted my child to have a notebook filled with my messy, but mostly legible handwriting.  So I knew it needed to be a paper product, preferably a sturdy notebook that they can keep on a bookshelf or in their underwear drawer.  I wanted it to be simple to fill out and with some guides, so I didn’t feel pressured to fill an entire blank notebook with my random stories and advice.

That’s not asking too much.  But I couldn’t find anything on the market close to what I wanted.

New Product Launch

So, since I own a company and have the means to create cool things, I decided to make what I wanted!  The Advice You’ll Need Someday Notebook is the perfect high school graduate

Palette of color options for the Advice You'll Need Someday Notebook. They make great high school graduate gifts.

gift, especially if you stick some cash in it…  It’s an easy way for you to share advice, experiences, and tips with your favorite high school senior.

Even though they may not want our advice right now, it will be waiting for them one day when they really need it.  Whether they’re in a difficult situation, regretting a choice they made, or just in need of moral support, our advice will be waiting for them in this colorful notebook.

The Advice You’ll Need Someday notebook is available in five awesome colors: plum, greige, poppy, mint, or golden.  It sells for $19.99. 

Tips for Parents/Guardians

This notebook is designed for all high school seniors: those going on to college, into the military or other type of service, those taking time off to figure out what they want to do, and those jumping straight into the working world. 

All high school seniors need help navigating this world.  It’s our job as parents and guardians to give them that help.  Take time to write down your experiences and learnings about life. 

A few tips for filling out the Advice You’ll Need Someday Notebook:

  • Keep it casual.  Don’t worry about mistakes or misspellings.  Your personal handwriting and doodles are as important as the advice and stories you’re sharing. 
  • Fill out as much as you can.  We each parent differently and don’t agree on everything.  You may not have advice for all the topics – I know some of you are going to raise an eyebrow at the Sex and Relationships chapter — that’s totally fine.  Just do your best to offer something.  You can write a sentence or fill every single line.  Just get something down. 
  • Make it a joint gift.  Not a writer?  Hate talking about yourself?  That’s OK.  Ask your spouse or partner to help.  You can both write one each topic, or you can pick and choose which topics you’ll cover.  If you just hate a topic and have nothing to say about it.  Cross it out and write a new one!  I also left some blank pages at the back of the notebook for you to customize. 
  • Be honest.  Sharing your past bad behaviors may seem like a terrible idea.  But think of it this way: your stories might help prevent your child from making unfortunate choices.  Tell them about the embarrassing, questionable, and downright awful decisions you made so they can learn.  It’s also a great way to show empathy and understanding.  Nobody is perfect and no one should strive to be.  Life is messy.  Show your child you understand that and will support them through anything. 
  • Have fun!  This is the most important tip.  I really want you to enjoy this experience of writing down your advice.  After all, how often do we get to share our wisdom with these lovable know-it-alls of ours?  Not very often!  So please, enjoy it and know that they truly will appreciate the time and effort you put into this.  … Someday.  … Probably a long time from now.  … Actually, you’ll likely be dead.  But just know, your advice will live on! 

Finally, thanks for considering the Advice You’ll Need Someday Notebook for a high school graduate gift.  I would love to hear feedback on the topics and anything you might think is missing.  As always, email me your questions or ideas for other products to help you record and preserve your stories and legacy.   

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