Custom Book Design



What’s Included

Your customized, heirloom-quality tribute book order includes:

  • Legacy assessment – Identify and curate your loved one’s legacy stories and life experiences
  • Family tree
  • Education/career/interests
  • Tributes from family and friends
  • Favorite photographs
  • 4 hardcover books (easily order more copies for a fee), plus a digital PDF



Custom Books by Circa Legacy

This is an investment. It’s investing in the legacy stories you will one day be remembered for. Or it could be an investment in saving a loved one’s legacy stories while you still have the chance to capture them. After all, there’s no guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow. 

This is an opportunity to work with an experienced team of interviewers, writers, and designers to create a book about legacy stories – your best memories, most important lessons, biggest regrets, and greatest accomplishments. 

Working with the Circa Legacy team is making a commitment to record and preserve your legacy stories. We’ll help you get it done! 

Choose any of our three book packages:


    1. Write down life facts and family history – You’ll receive a step-by-step workbook to help you get started. 
    2. Choose 3 – 5 legacy personality traits – Using a word list and prompts, you’ll be guided through this process to help you identify the traits you want to focus on. 
    3. Select favorite legacy stories – Next you’ll write (or be interviewed) about stories that bring your loved one’s legacy traits to life.
    4. Ask family and friends for tribute books – You’ll need phone numbers and email addresses so we can give people simple instructions for submitting a story and photo for your book. 
    5. Select photos and mementos – Using our handy checklist and photo guide, you’ll select and scan photographs for your book, as well as any mementos you’d like to include (handwritten letters, ticket stubs, diplomas, newspaper clippings, etc.)