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What’s Included

Your custom book design order includes:

  • 4 hours of interviews
  • Up to 125-page hardcover book
  • 3-month production schedule
  • Custom book cover and book design
  • Include up to 40 photos
  • 2 full-color hardback books with dust jackets
  • Digital copy of your book


Introducing Circa Legacy’s Exclusive Custom Book Design Package

A Timeless Investment in Your Legacy

If you choose a custom book design package, be prepared for more than just a project. This will be an investment in the preservation of your legacy.

Beyond capturing stories, experiences, and wisdom, our carefully crafted books ensure that your narrative becomes an everlasting tribute, a living testament that extends far beyond your years.

Circa Legacy’s signature custom books are an immersive and enjoyable experience. Envision collaborating with a team of skilled interviewers, writers, and designers, guiding you through creating a book dedicated to your legacy stories.

Give the Gift of Memories

Our custom books make for extraordinary gifts that transcend generations. Watch how one husband surprised his wife with a legacy book about her beloved grandmother.

We will guide you through creating a tangible, lasting record of your journey. As a result, those who come after you will remember and cherish your legacy.

Your Custom Book Design Order Includes:

  •  4 Hours of Personalized Interviews. Our talented team extracts the details of your stories, ensuring a narrative that genuinely reflects your experiences.
  • Up to 125-page Hardcover Book. We create a substantial volume that covers the richness of your legacy.
  • 3-Month Production Schedule. Experience a seamless process planned to deliver your custom book within a timeframe that suits your needs.
  • Custom Book Cover and Design. We tailor the design to your stories, from the captivating cover to the layout that brings your experiences to life.
  • Include Up to 40 Photos. Enhance your story with visual memories, creating a truly immersive reading experience.
  • 2 Full-Color Hardback Books with Dust Jackets. Two copies of the book are included in the package price, but additional copies can easily be ordered.
  • Digital Copy of Your Book. Receive a digital copy to share and preserve your stories in the virtual realm.

In closing, allow Circa Legacy to help you transform your personal history into an enduring legacy that stands the test of time.

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