If You Had One More Afternoon …

Who’s the person you wish you could see again to ask questions and hear their stories?

There’s at least one person in your life who you loved and treasured, but missed the opportunity to interview and record their amazing life stories. Or you missed the opportunity to tell them just how important they are to you. And how much their love and influence shaped your life.

Every one of us feels this regret.

We wish we had a few more hours just to chat with them. To thank them. To hear their favorite stories. To ask them about their childhood, proudest moments, best lessons, and all those family questions and mysteries that only they had answers to.

Dark-haired grandmother in wooden rocking chair with young granddaughter beside her.
Grandma Maxine in the rocking chair, Keesia at her feet, Grandma Betty in the background, circa l979

I feel that regret all the time

For me, it’s the regret of not interviewing my grandmothers before they died.

Grandma Maxine was very dignified, wise and quietly determined to make the world better. Her mother died when she was 8. Her father died when she was 16. And she was one of the most unfailingly supportive and encouraging people in my life.

Grandma Betty was a majorette in high school. (I love those high white boots!) She was joyfully outgoing and affectionate and movie-star beautiful. She survived polio when she was 17. And despite a lifetime of pain, she was the most positive, loving human I’ve ever known.

I wish I’d have written down their stories.

I wish I’d have recorded their advice and regrets, so one day my daughter could read them, understand them and carry on the amazing legacies these women left for our family.

Circa Legacy is for all the busy and best intentioned moms, grandmas and everyone else who feel the regret of not capturing a story, not sharing your gratitude, not taking the time to define a legacy. So now I’m on a mission to motivate and encourage you to save your memories and your family stories. I’ve been writing stories my entire life. I’ve spent years interviewing people, organizing and creating stories, making memory books for loved ones. I’ve used all this expertise and experience to design easy-to-use free tools and really cool and fun step-by-step kits to help you do this. Or, you can work with me and my team and we’ll help you get this done. No more regrets! Be the hero at your next family reunion!

You can totally do this.

Together, we’ll save our family stories!


Young woman in white majorette outfit with baton, circa 1940s



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