A family time capsule captures what nothing else can: the quirky, funny characteristics of your family as they are right now.

When I look back at 2021, memories that currently come to mind are my daughter’s fascination with this weird YouTube series called Good Mythical Morning and the many hours she spent building houses on Minecraft.  Our middle son trying to explain what the word “bussin” means and why “Gucci” still translates to the best.  Our oldest son’s new interest in anime and the sarcastic way he answers every question posed to him…

These are the little, everyday things I associate with them and their personalities.  Of course, much bigger stuff happened to us in 2021.  We spent $4,000 on a surgery for our shelter cat… skipping a family vacation to keep Rocky in the family… Obviously, the ongoing Covid pandemic filled a lot of the year.  My husband started a new job.  And in November, I resigned from my job and returned to a former employer.  There were deaths, births, divorces, and, marriages — I even officiated one of the 2021 weddings!

The media — whether real journalists or social media — will record the big stuff that happened.  Not everyone will remember what happened, but they can easily search for the events and learn about them, if they’re interested in 2021.

Remembering the Little Things

However, my family’s likes, dislikes, interests, new passions, lost friends, quirky hobbies, funny sayings, etc., will quickly fade away.  This time next year, Bo will be exasperated by my lack of understanding of another word in his vocabulary.  Violet will hopefully be watching a new series on YouTube.  And Maze will probably have a new genre he’s interested in.

Their unique personalities are one of the greatest joys in my life.  I don’t want to forget them!  it will be a joy to look back and remember the funny little things about our family.  I want to remember the memories to help me remember and treasure them the way they are right now.

I want a time capsule so I never forget!

Create a Family Time Capsule

And that’s precisely why I created one.  A family time capsule is a quick, fun activity that not only brings you together for a couple hours now, but also brings you back to prized memories in 10 or 20 years when those kids are grown up and no longer under your roof.  (It makes me sad just thinking about it…)

I sell a lot of family time capsule kits in November and December when people are looking for family gift ideas.  The end of the year is also a great time to look back and reflect on your family.  But, there’s no reason to limit time capsules to the end of the year.

Circa Legacy customers have ordered time capsules for birthday gifts, family reunions, even for friends who are experiencing something terrible, like a cancer diagnosis, and just want a way to bring everyone together for some fun times.

My family time capsule kit has an All About Me page for everyone in the family — where you can capture favorite friends, music, books, video games, hobbies, vacations, etc. There also are four worksheets to fill out together as a family — chronicling what’s happening in your community, country, and the world, as well as predictions for the next 20 years that you can make about your family.  Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to write a letter to your future selves.  It’s great fun!

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